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Spring Cleaning for Your Garage – Time for a Garage Clean Out

You’ve heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers”. The last thing you want to do is get caught in the downpour because your garage is too packed with junk to park your car inside. Think of how much better a cleaned out garage would be if it meant keeping you dry and warm when…


Why Reviews are so Important

Whenever we ask people to write a review we cant stress enough how much of an impact it can make on our business at VanGo Junk Removal. When it comes to this day and age reviews can make or break a business. Here are a couple reasons why reviews for your business online are so…


Its Time To Organize Your Book Shelf

Organizing Your Book Shelf When it comes to overall organizing a room so you can not be that friend that has a gross cluttered room, organizing your book shelf can be a great way to start. When it comes time to organize a book shelf the harsh reality of it is that you are going…


Toxic VS. Natural House Cleaning Products

Toxic Vs. Natural House Cleaning Products Cleaning the house is some of our best and worst times. We try to get ride of the junk and bring in that clean smell. A clean house is the best feeling but what about the products we are using? I’ve heard tons of contradictions about toxins in our…


People Who Are Hoarders

People who are Hoarders While over two million Americans watch the A&E TV show Hoarders and find it entertaining, I can tell you firsthand that when a family member is a hoarder, there is nothing entertaining about it. Fortunately there are professionals who are experts at cleaning and dealing with hoarders to help. The reality…


Recycling Metal

Where Does Metal Go After It Is Recycled? When it comes to scrap metal it is the majority of material that actually get recycled. The reason for this is because metal can be recycled without loosing its physical properties. Steel and iron are separated from the other metals to be melted down for reuse. Usually…


5 Easy Steps to Pack Away Sweaters and Bring Out the Spring – Junk Removal

5 Easy Steps to Pack Away Sweaters and Bring Out the Spring Spring is creeping up on us and its time to get out with the old and in with the new. Follow these steps to the perfect spring cleaning in your closet and become Junk Free! 1- Set The Mood! Nothing says spring like…


Small Ways To Use Less Energy – VanGo Junk Removal

A small way to use less energy without going crazy. Using less energy doesn’t mean to spend a fortune on solar powering your house but these ways can still make a difference! 1. Decrease Water Usage • While brushing your teeth, turn the water off until ready to rinse. • Take showers that are a…


Tips On How To Stay Clean and Junk Free

Tips On Staying Clean And Junk Free 1- Constantly keep things clean- The more that you throw out junk, dust, vacuum, and de clutter the less there is that will pile up over time. The biggest mistake that people make is letting the junk build to a level of no return. If you feel like…


Tips On How To Clean The Junk Out Of Your Garage

4 Tips to cleaning out your garage When it comes to a garage it seems as if they always find a way to get cluttered and filled with useless junk. Here are a couple key tips to keeping your garage junk free. 1. Set an exact time to start your project – When cleaning out…


A Small Look Into One Of VanGo Junk Removals First Jobs

One of VanGo Junk Removals first job As we drove to the dump today we recalled our very first junk removal job. Just the two of us, we were trying to make a name for ourselves in the junk removal business. I remember we were cleaning out an estate to get ready to be put…


Long Island Is The Second Most Expensive Place To Live In The United States.

Long Island is the second most expensive places to live When it comes to living on Long island we all know it isn’t the cheapest place to live. It seems as if everywhere we go we are burning through cash. It turns out that Long Island is the second most expensive place to live in…


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