Do Junk Removers Need the Gym


One of the common things customers say to us here at VanGo Junk Removal is “wow you guys must not have to go the Gym” and this is because how hard we work. Year round Junk Removal Companies all over the United States are working hard day in and day out doing physical labor for hours on end in the bitter cold of winter or the Intense heat of summer. Lets not forget how hard these Junk Removers work.

From the start of the day to the very last job Junk Removers at VanGo Junk Removal and all other Junk Removal Companies are Lifting things up and putting them down. The Work we do is not easy but one thing our Junk Removers look forward too is a good workout. Taking down a Shed can be one of the most physically demanding jobs From using the heavy tools to cut the shed or doing the actual lifting of the roof and walls and loading them up into the truck can be very tough. Even a simple Furniture removal job can be a workout. A few Other Back Breaking items are Pianos and Hot Tubs. but no matter the Job the VanGo Junk Removal Team is always full of energy and ready to get the job done. Most days we can Easily take over 10,000 Steps while doing heavy lifting is what keeps us in such great shape and some of us don’t even need the gym because of how active we are day in and day out.

From Removing Junk all day our team member stay in good cardio Vascular shape but nothing can beat 1-2 hours at the gym. Don’t get confused physical labor all day definitely beats sitting at a desk staring at a screen all day but they gym is still needed depending on your goals. Removing Junk all day can keep you in good shape lifting heavy items all day help with strength and lugging them to the truck from a Garage or Basement or attic will keep your heart rate up. But Nothing can Beat that Muscle Isolation you can get at the gym. Really having that isolation workout of each muscle can really help see results better and quicker then just doing physical labor. Going to the gym 3-4 days a week and doing Junk Removal everyday will keep you looking great and in Great health.