How Does Warm Weather Effect Junk Removal


How Warm Weather Effects a Junk Removal Business?

Junk Removal Business’s are slightly seasonal Business’s.  For Instance,  Most Companies are busier in the warmer  weather months.  For Example

  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September

These months seem to have the highest demand for Junk Removal.  According to HomeAdvisor  these Months have the most searches and Requests for estimates then any other months.  The science behind this is that now that the weather is warmer people are more inclined to do home Projects.  Therefore  With the Warm Weather and Higher Demand Junk Removal companies need to adapt in many different ways.

The Busy Season.

Junk Removal Companies can  experience as much as a 50-100% increase in jobs come the warm weather months.  So how can they handle this properly.

  1. Employees- Make sure you have enough help for the extra jobs you are getting
  2. Trucks-  Have to have the proper amount of reliable trucks for the summer work load
  3. Tools-  Need to have the right tools for the jobs to get you in and out as efficient as possible
  4. Logistics – Set up your schedule the best you can to save you time while Driving in your service area.

These are a few ways a Junk Removal Business can help handle the warm weather rush come the spring and summer seasons.

How Workers can handle the heat

Working hard outside can be tough.  With the temperature rising it only gets harder.  Here are a few tips Junk Removal workers can use to stay cool and make work as easy as possible this summer.

  1. Bring a Gallon of water everyday
  2. Bring a spar shirt
  3. Wear a company hat or head band
  4. Bring a Towel
  5. Wear Sunscreen if you need
  6. Take a break is you need don’t over due it

Workers need to be prepared for the heat the better prepared the easier it will be in the heat.  A summer day at a junk removal company its not easy come prepared and it will be easier for you.

Here at VanGo Junk Removal our summer months on Long Island New York can get brutal.  High temperatures and high Humidity.  We try to be as prepared as possible to provide 5 star Junk Removal Services for all our customers.  Here are some tough jobs we have to do in the summer:

In conclusion the summer months do not have to be as tough as they usually are, if you are prepared.  As a Owner make sure you make the appropriate actions to be ready for the summer rush.  As a Employee if you follow the steps it can make your days easier as well.