How to Remove a Hot Tub

Having a Hot Tub or Jacuzzi can be wonderful.  Relaxing the body in the warm 104 degree water.  Or having the powerful jets hit those’s sore areas.  Hot Tubs can be a great addition to any back yard.  Once you are ready to get rid of the old unwanted Spa things can get a little tricky.  wondering how am i going to get this big heavy Hot Tub out of my yard safely is always the question.  VanGo Junk Removal Specialized in Hot Tub, Jacuzzi and Spa Removal.  The VanGo Team is well Trained to Remove any Hot Tub you have.

Drain the Water:

Once you have decided that your Hot Tub is more hassle then pleasure its time to get rid of it.  First thing to do is drain the water.  Most Jacuzzi’s have built in drains to get rid of the water.  If you Don’t you will need to Pump it out with a water pump.  Draining the water makes it possible to remove your Hot Tub.  Making it Manageable to get out of the yard and into the truck.

Disconnecting the Electric:

When the water is all drained and the Spa is Emptied, now its time to Disconnect the Electric.  Some Hot Tubs can be just a 110 AMP standard plug which is easy to disconnect.  But most Hot Tubs are hardwired in.  Which Means the Wires have to be cut.  Then capped and tapped up for safety.  Before Cutting the Wires you should always turn off the circuit Breaker to the Hot Tub.  Some are right outside, others are inside the house on the Breaker box panel.  Once Everything is cut capped and tapped you have disconnected your Spa safely.

Lifting the Hot Tub:

Draining and Disconnecting the Hot Tub can be done by the home owner.  But lifting the Hot Tub your going to need to hire some Professionals.  VanGo Junk Removal has Removed Hundreds of Hot Tubs.  We have a tremendous amount of experience Removing Hot Tubs From Decks Back Yards or Any where you need.  Most Hot Tubs need a crew of 3-4 team members to lift the Jacuzzi up Right to get in on a dolly.  Once lifted and stood up we evaluate the best way to remove the Hot Tub.

Getting the Hot Tub to the Truck:

Now that the Heavy Lifting is out of the way.  Next is to Get this Big Hot Tub to the truck.  This is very circumstantial, and every situation is different.  There are a Few Options available To get the Hot Tub to the Truck

  1.  The Easiest Option is Lifting the Hot Tub on to a Dolly and being able to roll it out.  This option is used if there is a very clear easy path from the back yard to the truck.  Back yards that have a stone patio or a concrete pathway are always best for this.
  2. Another Option is Sliding the Hot Tub out.  Putting wood or a special plastic “Spa Mover” works great as well.  This is like putting the Hot Tub on a sled and pulling it out.  The Sled method works great over grass where a dolly would not work.  Takes some strength to pull the Hot Tub on the sled but it gets the job done.
  3. The Cartwheel Method is the Toughest option.  But still very effective.  Think of a person doing a cart wheel,  that is what we do with the Hot Tub.  Stand it up and roll it out.  This usually take 4 guys to get it done.  Hard work and Team work can make this a very effective method.

Getting the Hot Tub into the Truck:

After we pick a Method of getting the Hot Tub to the Truck.  Now we have to get it into the truck to haul it away. Here at VanGo Junk Removal  we use one of two Options.  We either muscle the Hot tub into the truck, or hook up the winch and pull it in.  The weight and size of the Hot Tub are the key factors in picking which method to use.  Once we lift the Jacuzzi in or pull it in with the winch we need to secure it.  Making sure it can’t go anywhere inside the back of the truck.

Finishing up:

Once the Hot Tub is in we need to finish up.  Getting the cover of the Hot Tub in the truck as well as anything else the customer wants removed is the next step.  Once everything is in we need to sweep up the area and put all the tools away that we used.  Now another Hot Tub in the book and another happy Customer.