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Move a Piano Without Lifting a Finger!

Music To Your Ears

A piano is a beautiful instrument. But i's also one of the heaviest, most awkward pieces of furniture that takes up space in your home.

Many clients want to get it out, but end up leaving it in it's place for years. It's just too much trouble to get rid of a piano.

But not for the team at VanGo! Get in touch today and let's make your life simpler and easier!


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The Keys to Piano Removal

Our uniformed 5-star staff will work with you to get your unwanted piano out of your space. But don't stop there! We can take this opportunity to professionally clear other bulky and unwanted junk and furniture. Reclaim your place!


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  3. We arrive and carefully get the unwanted piano out, with no damage to your property or doorways

All Sizes

Whatever the size or shape, we'll get it out!

Sit Back & Relax

That's how you move a piano without even touching it!

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