Why Supporting Local Business is so Important

Junk RemovalWhy Supporting Local Business is so Important

With the year 2020 Behind us we call learned so many lessons.  One being the importance of supporting small and Local business.  The American economy Relies on it. For Instance, Local business provides products and services to local communities while supplying jobs in your area to residents and neighbor’s.  After Everything American small businesses went through this past year. Above all, We are here to tell you how important it is to support local business in the future.

  • Small businesses create jobs.  Small businesses in the U.S. created nearly 2 million of the approximately 3 million private-sector jobs generated in 2014. 
  • Buying local keeps the money in your neighborhood. $68 of every $100 spent at a local independent store is reinvested in the community versus $43 with a larger retailer.  
  • The American Dream. The American dream is defined in part by the ability for anyone to open his/her own business. Entrepreneurship drives this country’s economic prosperity and fuels innovation.
  •  Strengthen local influence  Supporting local ownership allows important decisions to be made by people who live in the neighborhood and care about how those decisions will impact the community.

VanGo Junk Removal is your go to Local Junk Removal Business

VanGo Junk Removal is located on Long Island New York and providing Service to all of Nassau and Suffolk Counties.  We are Locally Owned and Operated, have been from day one. In other Words We Love being a small Local business rather then a big franchise.  In addition we do all fazes of Junk Removal providing 5 star service to all of your customers.       Here are some of the services we Provide.

  1. Furniture Removal
  2. Full House clean out
  3. Hot Tub Removal
  4. Basement Clean Out
  5. Garage Clean Out
  6. Attic Clean Out
  7. Shed Removal 
  8. Piano Removal
  9. Play Set Removal
  10. Construction Debris Removal

Here at VanGo Junk Removal we take Pride in our Customer Service.  Therefore we love Working with Members of our Local Community.  Above All We find our service more one on one then a big franchise.  In other words we Care about our customers as most Small Business owners do.  For Instance  we go above and beyond for our customers.  Working around their schedules to make the Junk Removal process as smooth as possible.  In Conclusion Most Local Business care more about there Customers then larger Big business cooperation’s.

The Junk Removal Business can Be a Competitive Business.   Therefore Here at VanGo Junk Removal We Try and Separate Ourselves from the rest.  In Other Words we Provide the Best Service at the Best Price for all our Loyal Local Customers.  In Addition We find that most good Local Businesses do the same.  We encourage everyone to try and shop local more, it will only help your local community in the long run.