VanGo Junk Removal’s Start

Junk Removal

Starting VanGo Junk Removal on Long Island

Thinking back on Starting this Business makes my head spin.  It All Started with a Van and a Dream.  In other words, After I finished college I got hit with the ” What now moment”  After That,  I bought a 800$ White Van and started doing anything I could with it From

Above all you name it i would do i it.  A few months of hustling and grinding,  loading up van’s full then unloading van’s full by hand i started to grow a little bit.  My Next Step was buying another van.  Two Van’s equal twice the business.  We would Gut bathrooms, Gut Kitchens take down decks or sheds in one van.  With the other van we would do deliveries, moving furniture, you name it we would do it.  Still not having a Name that i loved i would think every day of a catchy creative name.  Sitting with my parents at Outback Steak House it came to me VanGo Junk Removal.  With the slogan of the Art of Junk Removal.  We still Get complements to this day about the name.

Junk Removal Truck 1

After a Year or so with the Van’s it just was not cutting it.  Needed something bigger.  So we Bought a 15 cubic yard Isuzu dump truck.  Not even knowing what a cubic yard was or a GVW buying our First truck was still exciting.  Our 1st day working with it a contractor asked us ” how much do you charge per yard”  standing there confused not understanding what he was talking about it dawned on us.  We have to figure out how much we charge per cubic yard.  We broke out the calculators and found a number that made sense for us at the time.  With this new Junk Removal Truck We could do Alot more Jobs with it as well as bigger jobs such as

Now the ball was rolling with this new Truck.  We Then started doing a lot of work for contractors  Managing there sites and keeping them clean.  With this happening we couldn’t service our residential customers as much.  Therefore we needed to solve this problem.

Truck 2

We now have a little bit of experience behind us so now we bought a 20 yard junk removal truck.  Even Bigger then the 1st truck we bought.  This truck was a work horse  handling most of our bigger jobs.  With the contractors being serviced by one truck and the residential customers being serviced by the other things were going great.  This Required more employees and more maintenance on trucks but we were prepared for the hard work ahead.

VanGo Junk Removal is here to stay

Fast Forward a few years to today and VanGo Junk Removal is one of the Biggest Junk Removal Companies on Long Island.  The Hustle and the Grind day in and day out running this Business is not only tiering but also rewarding.  Running this business the last 6-7 years has giving me more education on how the world works then any amount of school could.  Experience is the best teacher and here at VanGo we have seen it all.