Toxic VS. Natural House Cleaning Products

Toxic Vs. Natural House Cleaning Products

Cleaning the house is some of our best and worst times. We try to get ride of the junk and bring in that clean smell. A clean house is the best feeling but what about the products we are using? I’ve heard tons of contradictions about toxins in our cleaning products. Some companies don’t have to disclose certain toxins so lets take a look…


This product is found in most liquid dishwashing detergents and hand soap. These products are labeled “antibacterial.” Risks include the promotion of growth of drug-resistant bacteria. Interesting… so hand soap encourages bacteria growth?


This product is used to polish fixtures, sinks and jewelry. Ammonia becomes inhaled and unfortunately the elderly, asthma patients or someone with lung issues are at a high risk when inhaling this gas.

3.Sodium Hydroxide

This product is used in oven cleaners and to open drains. If this product makes contact with skin can cause severe burns. Inhaling this product can cause a sore throat for days.


This product is used as a fragrance in air freshers and dish soap. This ingredient is tricky to find because scents don’t have to be disclosed so it wont be on the label. Absorbed chemicals can go straight to the organs because it comes through the skin. A study showed that men with this chemical in their blood had a reduced sperm count.


This product is used in mildew removers, tap water, laundry whiners and scouring powders. This chemical goes through the skin and can cause respiratory irritants and can be a serious thyroid disrupter.

After reading all this you’re probably thinking why does anyone use these? Well, don’t worry! There are tons of natural product companies and even at home recipes. We wouldn’t be able to avoid every chemical toxic but decreasing it in our homes can be a significant step!

Here are a few great natural house cleaning products!

    • Mrs. Meyers
    • Simple Green
    • Seventh Generation
  • Honest

Heres a few at home recipes that are safe and less expensive!

    • Lavender cleaning spray-1 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup vinegar and 8 drops lavender oil
    • Granite cleaner-2 cups water, 1/2 alcohol and 10 drops lemon oil
  • Polish stainless steel-olive oil

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