Time To Throw Away Your Old Furniture

Furniture Removal

What To Do With Your Old Furniture?

Most people don’t think about removing their old furniture until they are looking to move out of there home or buying new stuff.  When the thought pops in someone’s head what do i do with my old furniture, Family or friends come to mind.  Who can use this old couch or who can i give this dresser too.  Even donating to a charity or donation service comes to mind. Although this can all be easier said then done.

Donation Companies can be months if not up to a year behind on picking up old furniture from people.  They are also extremely picky in the items they take.

When it comes to Friends and Family there also are a few obstacles.  Do they have a truck to transport the Furniture?  Do they have Space in there Home for the Items?  Are they capable of  lifting the furniture out of your house into the truck and then into there house safely.  With out damaging anything or hurting themselves. So it can be challenging to find somewhere or someone to use your old used furniture even if in good shape.

VanGo Junk Removal

Here at VanGo Junk Removal we help all of Long Island with getting rid of there old Furniture.  Many of our customers find it difficult to even give furniture away for free, yet along sell it.  That is where we come in.  We are Long Island’s best Junk Removal company and specialize in unwanted old furniture removal.  Here are some other services we offer as well

If Donating is not possible and giving your furniture away isn’t working out for you.  You should find yourself a good junk removal company who can take your old furniture away. Van Go Junk Removal can donate stuff to various charities. Furniture that you no longer need or use but can still be useful by other people. belongs to the list of items that can be donated, along with fixable appliances, clothing, toys, and books not just furniture.