Pumpkin Picking Junk Removal


With summer coming to an end, we now look forward to the fall.  Leaves are changing colors, weather is getting cooler, everything is Pumpkin this Pumpkin that.  Two things most associated with the fall are Pumpkin Picking and Junk Removal.   Here at VanGo Junk Removal we work hard all seasons of the year.  Being Located on Long Island New York we experience all 4 seasons harshly.  Hot Summers Cold winters a Hurricane Season and a rainy season.  Therefore As a Junk Removal Business that has to deal with all of this there are a lot of obstacle to overcome.  This Season is Pumpkin Picking Junk Removal season.  We will be providing 5 star Junk Removal to all of Long Island during the fall season, So get your pumpkin spice  your fall jackets and ugg boots ready for a Junk Free Fall.

Why VanGo Junk Removal

VanGo Junk Removal is a Locally ran and operated small business located in Nassau County on Long Island New York.  With over 500 5 star reviews all over the internet this proves we provide the best Junk Removal service long island has to offer.

Services we Provide

The Advantages of going with VanGo Junk Removal

  1. Communication (always up front and honest)
  2. Hard Working ( we will get the job done for you)
  3. Availability (The best ability is Availability)
  4. Team Members ( Professionally Trained)
  5. Presentable ( uniformed worker and beautiful trucks)
  6. Stress Free Service ( we make it as easy as possible for you)

All Fall long we will be Working hard Providing the best Junk Removal Long Island has to offer.  We do this because we love our customers and we love our business. So even though there is a little extra Heavy Lifting during the Pumpkin Picking Junk Removal Season, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t awesome every other time of the year. But you bet your hard earned dollars, during the Pumpkin picking Junk season, there’s always a little extra Muscle added on to your junk removal.