People Who Are Hoarders

People who are Hoarders

While over two million Americans watch the A&E TV show Hoarders and find it entertaining, I can tell you firsthand that when a family member is a hoarder, there is nothing entertaining about it. Fortunately there are professionals who are experts at cleaning and dealing with hoarders to help.

The reality of this job is that sometimes the junk can be over whelming. I recall entering a home where a mother and child lived. Their basement was piled high with junk over years of not throwing any garbage out. There were multiple layers. The top layer on first view you uncovered a lot of cardboard boxes and old house decorations. But as you continued to look there was desks dressers, old mattresses, and more.

Hoarding can lead to an accumulation of many different things that may or may not have a sensible meaning to the person or family keeping them. Hoarding often can start with a few small things that can be easily kept out of sight, or stashed in a closet or an attic. This may seem like a harmless practice but anything that is stored and is not used often becomes a haven for dust, dirt and grime or at worst, for mold and bacteria to grow or insects to infest.

If you live with someone who is a hoarder give the professionals at VanGo Junk Removal a call to come by and take care of the situation. Even though it can be a tough situation getting rid of useless junk its a necessary one. VanGo Junk Removal is Located on Long Island, NY. Call today for your free estimate. 516-442-8811