How To Have Your Garage Cleaned Out

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Are you like most people that use there Garages as a personal storage room?   Packed to the ceiling with items you have collected over the years.  Some items that you don’t even use or never will and some items that are just collecting dust.  Once you can not see the floor anymore yet alone get a car into your garage its time to call a Junk Removal Company to help you get your Garage Cleaned out.  VanGo Junk Removal is a Locally ran business located on Long Island New York Specializing in Garage Clean Outs and all Junk Removal needs. Here is Everything you need to know about a Garage Clean Out with VanGo.

Old Workout Equipment and Sporting Goods:

Old workout Equipment and sporting goods are some of the most popular items people store in there Garages.  People love having those old weights or baseball bat in the garage but do they ever plan on lifting them or going to the batting cages?  Most likely not  if its collecting dust Junk it or Donate it if in good enough shape.  Even Old Broken Work Out machines like a old Bo-Flex for Example they take up a lot of space and if your not using it why keep it.

Empty Boxes That are now Junk:

Everyone always keeps there empty boxes weather they think they are going to return that Microwave so they save the box and it just sits in the garage for years, because you forget about and now its just taking up space in the garage.  Or the Huge TV box that you kept from your 60 inch TV that now collects dust in the Garage and takes up a lot of floor space cluttering up the limited space you already have.  If the box has no use or taking up too much space its time to get rid of it.  You can even Recycle the cardboard to keep our landfills clean.

Old Decorations in the Garage:

Holding on to 20 year old Christmas and Holiday decorations is something many people seem to do.  A lot of Garages VanGo Junk Removal cleans out we always end up Junking old Holiday decorations so its a very popular item people seem to hang on too.  Decades old decor also, an old couch or old curtains people seem to hold on too, that they think they are going to use in the future or they can give them to someone in need.  This just is not the case in 99% of situations.  Declutter the old decorations and get some of the space back in your garage.

Old Electronics that are now Junk:

The pain of throwing away your childhood albums or VCR tapes can be difficult.  But most of your old Unused electronics can be donated or are obsolete and you will not be using them again.  VanGo Junk Removal has ways of properly disposing of electronics as well as place to recycle them.

Old Tools stored away in the Garage:

Old Tools are always taking up space in a Garage.  If you have no use for them why not try to donate them and get them out of you garage.  In most cases the tools are either broken or rusted to where they can not be used anymore.  In that case its best to recycle them.  VanGo Junk Removal will Recycle donate or throw out any old broken unwanted tools you have.

Cleaning out your garage can be harder then it looks.  From the over whelming amount of stuff to items so heavy you can not even move them yet along throw them away.  Leave it to the Pros at VanGo Junk Removal to clean out your Garage for you Stress Free to save you time and money.  We will give you that valued Space back in your garage and get you Junk Free.