Finding the Best Junk Removal Company

finding the best Junk Removal Company

If you have A lot of Junk in you Home or Business, getting rid of it can be a major pain.  This difficult task of removing your Junk can be made easy. By hiring the Best Junk Removal Company in your area.  Everyone thinks all Junk Removal Companies are the same.  But there is a big difference between a good, bad, and the Best Junk Removal Business.  Here at VanGo Junk Removal we pride our selves on being the Best home service business on Long Island, New York.  We Know the Value we bring compare to a lot of lower end Junk Business.  Our customer service is beyond incredible.  VanGo Junk Removal can handle any Junk Removal needs you need.

Here are some Steps to help you pick the Best Junk Removal Company you can in your area:

Reviews Reviews Reviews.  

Reviews are the New Word of Mouth advertising.  When hiring any business especially a Junk Removal Reading their Reviews online is one of the most important things to do.  Reviews can show you everything you need to know about the company.  How professional they are, or even how expensive their service is.  With advertisers like Home Advisor they give the opportunity for the Customers to Rate the business on 3 levels.  Quality, to show how good or bad the business’s work is.  Customer Service,  Showing how the business treats the Customer.  Value, to see if the company is worth the money the customer is spending.  Reading these reviews is needed for picking the best company for the job.  Make sure the Business is highly rated and has a lot of reviews.  The More Reviews the better.

First Impression

Nothing is worse then when you read a companies reviews finally pick one out and when you decide to call them they don’t answer.  Always Answering the Phone is a sign a business cares.  So Many Business do not Pick up the phone when you need them.  This is a sign,  a Sign of how someone runs their business.  You do not want to Hire someone Who doesn’t answer the phone.


If you Talk to a good business bad business and the Best Business you will be able to tell the difference in Professionalism on the phone. Here at VanGo Junk Removal we Care what the customer has to say.  As well as give a easy to understand pitch.  Giving Details with Scheduling and Pricing.  In Person all our Team members are uniformed polite and always have a good attitude.  We are always here to help you with any of your needs.


All Jobs aren’t just one, two, three.  Some Jobs can be dangerous such as:

All These Jobs have danger factors involved.  From lifting something extremely heavy up a flight of stairs.  Or Demoing Something using power tools.  Even Picking up Piles of Junk with Nails and Screws all over the place.  Things can get dangerous that’s why its always safety first. Leave it to the Pros to save your back.

Fair and Up Front Pricing

You get what you pay for.  The old famous saying couldn’t be more true. When looking for the Best Junk Removal Company in your local area, its tempting to just hire the cheapest company.  This almost always back fires in this business.  From white van guys, to companies with bad reviews and customer service.  Nothings worst then regretting the company you hire to save a few dollars.  While it’s important that you find an affordable junk removal company, be wary of “too good to be true” pricing. Furthermore, pay close attention to pricing structure. A company might advertise a low-cost base rate, but when you look at their full pricing policy, you’ll find all kinds of additional fees and charges for example:

  1. Labor Fees
  2. Stair Case Fees
  3. Dumping Fees
  4. Time Fees
  5. Breaking down Fees

Good Service can come at a reasonable Price.  Here at VanGo Junk Removal There are no hidden fees and we are always trustworthy and competitive with our pricing.  While the Best Junk Removal Companies are normally a few Dollars more then the other companies.  Its a small Price to pay for the Best service.

Recycling and Donating

The best junk removal companies tend to be those with eco-friendly disposal policies.  VanGo Junk Removal always is Donating and Recycling.  We like to see Our Customers Junk get Reused to someone in need that is Part of our Customer Service.  Items we Donate:

  • Dressers
  • Armour’s
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Couches
  • Furniture

Not Only do we Donate as much as possible. We also Recycle all Metals and Papers.  Items we Recycle

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Sheet metal
  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Brass

Donating and Recycling all play a part in becoming and hiring the best Junk Removal Company.

If your located on Long Island, New York and in need of Junk Removal.  Look into hiring VanGo Junk Removal and give them a call for a Free Estimate 516-442-8811.