Dumpster Rental vs. Junk Removal

Want to reclaim your much needed space in your home or apartment?  Have a Bunch of Unwanted Junk you need removed?  Not to worry you have options.  VanGo Junk Removal is here to guide you through the process of choosing the best Junk removal option for you on Long island New York.

Dumpster Rental:

Not Only are Dumpster Rentals confusing with all there rules and regulations choosing the size of your dumpster can be the hardest part of renting your Dumpster.  On Long Island Dumpsters come in all shapes and sizes there are 5 yard, 10 yard, 15 yard 20 yard and 30 yard dumpsters available for rentals.  Now most people don’t understand or know the sizes of these dumpsters when it come to comparing it to the amount of junk that they have.  So picking the right size can make or break your Dumpster Rental option.  For example you rent a 10 yard Dumpster but with out realizing you actually have 15 yards worth of junk now what do you do?  Now Your out of luck.  Dumpsters also have hidden fees you need to look at as well as weight limits for each Dumpster.  When a Dumpster is dropped off at your house it is possible for it to scratch or even ruin your driveway, grass or street.  Even when you make a decision and decide to go with a Dumpster now you need to call and coordinate when you need the Dumpster dropped off then call again and schedule when they need to come pick it up which can be stressful and inconvenient.  Now that you have got your Dumpster Rental Dropped off now you have to load it your self or pay people to load it for you.  with a Dumpster rental labor is not included it is all on you to load the Dumpster up and loading a Dumpster is a art in its self.

Junk Removal

Educating customers on Junk removal is one of the battles we face everyday here at VanGo Junk Removal  we try to explain the benifits that come with going with a professinal Junk Removal business.


If we are talking Convenience Dumpsters would not stand a chance against Junk Removal companies such as VanGo Junk Removal     Junk Removal companies offer a way easier wider service with many options.  Companies will come to your Residential or Commercial location and load the junk for you so you save time and energy.  VanGo Junk Removal offers a full licensed and insured team to do all the heavy lighting for you in a stress free matter.


Loading up a Dumpster with all different types of material can be dangerous from furniture to construction debris to even cleaning out your basement .  We want to Limit all our customers chance of injury. VanGo Junk Removal’s well trained team does this every day and knows all the tricks to make life as easy as possible loading up a truck.  Work Smarter not Harder as they say.

Cost of Junk Removal

Dumpster Prices can range from $300 – $800 depending on the size of the Dumpster how long you plan of keeping the Dumpster and what kind of material your loading the Dumpster up with.  Keep in mind the hidden fees, dumping fees, pirmit fees or even overload fees.  At VanGo Junk Removal  we do not require any permit fees and we never charge by time.  We strictly charge by Volume how much space your items fill in our truck.  We also offer 1 item pick ups as well such as Mattress or couch removal.

All Types of Material for Junk Removal

if you rent a Dumpster you can’t put a diverse number of material in that Dumpster.  For Example  Dumpsters wont let you put items with Freon in them such as refrigerators, or air conditioners, or freezers.  Also if you have brick concrete or plaster dumpster companies want them all in a separate dumpster from your regular house hold junk or standard construction debris .  Even Yard clippings and tree branches and limps can’t go in the same Dumpster as your junkVanGo Junk Removal  can take Almost any thing in the same truck load.  This is because we dispose of each type pf material a different way from transfer stations to scrap metal yards to recycling locations we make sure everything gets disposed of the proper way.  No matter how many different types of material you have if its Junk VanGo Junk Removal can take it.