Demo and Removal of a Metal Shed

Have that Old Metal Shed in your yard that’s rusting away and looks like it’s about to cave in on itself? No need to panic, Give VanGo Junk Removal a call and let the Pros handle this for you.

Demo and Removal

That metal Shed is not as easy as you may think to take down and remove, rusty and very heavy metal and stripped screws can make this job dangerous and tricky.  VanGo Has a step by step system of taken down metal Sheds.  First step is to make sure the Shed is empty and clean.  This isn’t always the case when we show up to a job site, we can empty the shed for you as well as throw additional stuff away for you if need be always there to help our customers from getting there hands dirty.  Step 2 is to Remove the roof.  Removing the roof next is the safest and easiest way to take down the remainder of the Shed.  The roof is also the trickiest part most sheds have screws that need to be taken out to remove the roof also a crowbar or sled-hammer are good tools to have to help.  Once the roof is off carry it to the Truck and load it up nice and flat so the rest of the Shed can fit in the Truck.  Now that the roof is off and loaded up Step 3 is taking down the 4 walls.  We at VanGo Junk Removal like to start with the front wall with the door on it to get it out of the way to make removing the other 3 walls simpler.  These 4 walls are all interlocked with each other with screws as well as a ‘L” bracket from the floor to the wall.  These screws all need to be removed to take down the walls. Now load up all 4 walls into the truck. Step 4 is the floor, the floor is usually the biggest and heaviest part of the Shed.  Most Sheds the floor comes in 2 sections, they are usually screwed together. Once these screws are taken out lift each section of the floor and carry them to the truck and load them up,  these are very heavy and most likely need 2-3 people to load.  Step 5 is taking a rake and broom and cleaning up the area where the Shed once stood.  Now that everything’s all clean and another satisfied  customer in the books we can move on to the next Job.

Why Use VanGo Junk Removal

VanGo Junk Removal is a Locally Run and Operated Junk Removal Business located on Long island New York in Nassau County.  We are fully licensed and Insured for all of your Junk Removal needs.  We Also have that Proved 5 Step system to take down any Metal Shed you have safely and in a timely fashion. Nothing to big or to small for the VanGo Junk Removal team.  Give us a call for a free estimate and let us take care of that Metal Shed for you Satisfaction guaranteed.