A Day In The Life Of A Junk Remover

Everyday in the Junk game brings a different challenge and opportunity.  Here at VanGo Junk Removal we Love and Embrace what we call the Junk Game.  We Enjoy Being outside everyday Hot or Cold we enjoy it, and when you get that nice spring or fall day it is perfect.  Jumping around from job to job also is great.  Never stuck in one place for to long and always on the move.

Meeting up at headquarters

Every Morning the VanGo Junk Removal meets at our headquarters in Freeport on Long island in Nassau County.  Here we meet at various times depending on the day mostly between 7am-8am to get out to service our customers.  Each truck gets the Job Information that they are heading to and the team moves out to Service Long Island Nassau and Suffolk Counties with 5 Star Junk Removal Service.

Job #1

Everyday is Obviously different which is what we love.  But on this day Truck number 2’s job was a Hot Tub Removal and Play Set Removal.  The team in Truck number 2 showed up at 8:20Am in East Meadow on Long Island.  Knocked on the Customers Door and we always introduce ourself’s.  We proceeded to walk to the back yard to check out this Hot Tub and Play Set.  Took a Look at it we gave her a price and we agreed on the price so we will start to remove the Hot Tub and Demo the Play Set.  We started with the Hot Tub.  Already drained the Jacuzzi Just needed to be Disconnected and Brought to the truck.  Turning off the outdoor circuit breaker so we could cut the wires and be safe.  We don’t need anyone getting shocked or electrocuted on the job. Now that the wires are cut they need to be capped and taped again for safety.  The VanGo Junk Removal Team now Lifts the Hot Tub on to its side so it’s standing up. We put a dolly underneath to roll it to the truck.  Next We hook up the winch to lift and pull the Hot Tub in to the truck.  Once the Jacuzzi is in the truck we move on to the Play Set.  Using our Favorite tool the Sawzall we start demoing the Play Set.  Cutting it into big sections we load it into the truck.  We Sweep up make sure all the tools are away closes the doors and put the trap on the truck.  Write a Receipt for the customer give them a card ask them to write a review about their experience with VanGo Junk Removal, collect payment and now on to the next Job.

Off to the Dump

After the first Job our truck is pretty much full.  We can not donate or recycle the Hot Tub or Play Set so off the the dump we go.  Driving to the closest dump that makes the most sense can take anywhere from 20-30 minutes.  Once we get to the dump we hop on the scale to get weighed in.  From there you head to the dumping area and dump our truck.  Now Driving back on the the scale to get weighed out.  Now with a empty truck we ready for the next Job.

Job #2

Were now off to Rockville Center in Nassau County for a Basement Clean Out and Garage Clean Out.  We Repeat the same Process of knocking on the customers door, introducing ourself’s  looking at the job giving them a Price and doing the job.  This Job takes a little more time because of the items in the basement that need to be loaded into the truck.  We get our hands Dirty While Keeping yours clean.  So no need to worry we provide 5 star junk Removal services for all of Long Island.  This customer was Shocked how fast we finished also how easy we made it look.  This always makes us feel good to help a customer in a timely fashion.

Job #3

Truck 2 of the VanGo Junk Removal team has a full truck from the previous Job from a residential Junk Removal Job in Rockville Center.  So we are going to meet up with Truck 1 in Massapequa Long Island.  They are doing a Storage Unit Clean Out and could use a hand.  When we pull up Truck 1’s team is more then half way done with the Storage Unit job.  We help them out Load up some Furniture and a Piano as well.  That was the last job of the day for truck #2

Ending the day

Now that we have no more jobs for the day we head back to Headquarters to bring the truck back home.  For a nice rest after a hard days work.   We have to Remember that our truck is full and need to Dump it in the Morning before we start a new day tomorrow.