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5 Easy Steps to Pack Away Sweaters and Bring Out the Spring

Spring is creeping up on us and its time to get out with the old and in with the new. Follow these steps to the perfect spring cleaning in your closet and become Junk Free!

1- Set The Mood!

      • Nothing says spring like all the wonderful smells
      • Before starting the clean out add a smell to your home to get you started and in the mood
      • One of my favorites is vanilla, lemon and rosemary which I let simmer in my house and can be reused for 2 days
    • Another great smell is for a more holiday scent but still great! For this you will need apples, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, orange, rosemary and water. Let that simmer over low heat and have the whole house smell of holidays!

2- Get Rid of It!

    • While getting ready to clean out all those bulky sweaters, take a look at them first. Ask your self if you have worn it during the season because most likely if you haven’t worn it this year you wont wear it the next. The sweater will take up a lot of room in a box when you could be making room for new things!

3- Store It!

      • Buying boxes doesn’t have to be expensive. If the boxes wont be seen you can buy moving boxes made of cardboard around $5. If they will be seen boxes can go from $10-15. Im my experience most of my sweaters fit into 4 boxes so I didn’t have to spend too much.
      • Keep it fresh by throwing in 1-2 dryer sheets in the boxes before closing
    • If moths have been a problem in the past, throw in some moth ball packets which range from $7-18.

4- Clean The Area!

      • Wipe down all the dust in the area
    • Fresh start is always a great feeling

5- Put It on The Shelves!

      • The moment we have been waiting for! Now you can get excited to see all that spring and summer clothes that have been away for so long!
    • Some things may need freshening-up so throw it in the dryer for 15 minutes with some dryer sheets

Hope this helped! Happy cleaning friends!

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