Junk Removal for Realtors

Junk RemovalJunk Removal for Real Estate

Long Island Real Estate is some of the most expensive in the world.  In 2020 the average home on Long Island was $515000 which is up 8% in the last year.  This is due to the pandemic and thousands of people leaving the city for the suburbs.  With high demand and limited supply the price of real estate on Long island was bound to increase and go even higher then it already was.  Real estate agents are busier then ever  with so many people looking to buy on long island.  Therefore they are going to need a reliable Junk Removal company to work side by side with to help with the process of selling or buying a home. VanGo Junk Removal is Long Islands leader in Junk Removal. Providing 5 star stress free service, for all our customers including real estate agents.

Why Use VanGo Junk Removal

As a Realtor most of your business comes from referrals.  Therefore you want to provide the best service possible for your customer.  Recommending a business can be risky if the business is not reliable or professional.  That is why VanGo Junk Removal takes all the proper steps to make you look Great in Front of your clients.  Here are a few Reasons to Hire VanGo Junk Removal to get rid of your clients Junk before they sell their homes.

  1. Reliable- We are always there you can reach us anytime
  2. Availability – The best ability is availability
  3. Pricing- Competitively priced
  4. We Get it done- Nothing to worry about we have seen it all
  5. Professional- uniformed workers and Beautiful trucks

We Understand that you are putting your name on the line when you recommend a outside company to service your clients.  Above all we always do the right thing to make you look Great to your customers.

Here are some services VanGo Junk Removal Provides:

One of our biggest clients are realtors that work on Long Island. We work with them and their clients when they are moving in and have more stuff than they thought. We work with realtors and their clients when they are moving out and realize that they have things that they just simply don’t want any more.  We even work with realtors at their own homes. We all have junk, and we all love great customer service.