Junk Removal During Covid-19 Pandemic

VanGo Junk Removal knows times are tough right now.  Health issues, Income issues and Cabin Fever are making these past few months very difficult for all people.  Especially being From New York the epicenter for Covid-19 in the United States, VanGo Junk removal has been taking extreme measures in keeping our team members safe as well as our customers.

Contact Free Pick Ups

There are many ways to Service customers during this pandemic.  Contact Free Pick Ups are the safest most convenient way to fulfill your Junk Removal needs.  Alot of people are experiencing Cabin Fever and are starting to Clean Out their houses using the time they have on their hands wisely.  Now that you have a big pile of junk in your house your wondering now what?  I don’t feel comfortable having people come into my house during this time what can I do.  VanGo Junk Removal is Offering Contact Free Pick Ups.  Customers are making piles in their Garages, Backyards or Driveways for us to come and pick up.  While maintaining Social Distancing we will come Pick up any and all Junk From your Property with out any Contact with you.

Items We Take

Services We Provide

Cleaning Your Home

While everyone is stuck home Cleaning it out and getting rid of some old unused items is keeping a lot of people busy.  Make a Pile in your Garage or Driveway So VanGo Junk Removal can come give you a Contact Free Pick Up which makes our service so great and stress free.  From Furniture to House Hold Good we will provide you with the safest Junk Removal Service possible.

Safety First

VanGo Junk Removal is following all CDC guide lines by wearing masks when Social Distancing is not possible, we are also Disinfecting our trucks everyday to make sure we stay Covid free.  We Also are Wearing Gloves during every job and using hand sanitizer to clean our hands after every job.  The Safety of our team members and customer is everything to us, our goal is to keep everyone safe and provide you with 5 star stress free service.

Getting Back To Normal

We will ever get back to normal? or will it be a new Normal? We all must learn from this experience and become better from it.  We at VanGo Junk Removal are coming up with all types of ideas to improve our business for the better from learning from this pandemic.  From Providing the safest service possible as well as disinfecting our own equipment as much as possible.  But For now we are doing our best to stay open and help the Long island Community in this time of need.  We hope We are back cleaning out your homes soon and wish everyone well and stay safe out there.