A Small Look Into One Of VanGo Junk Removals First Jobs

One of VanGo Junk Removals first job

As we drove to the dump today we recalled our very first junk removal job. Just the two of us, we were trying to make a name for ourselves in the junk removal business. I remember we were cleaning out an estate to get ready to be put on the market. Lifting the heavy dressers, couches, tv’s, etc. This was a hard day but we powered through and wound up completing the job in less time than we thought. The best part was the customers reaction. The home owners were so relieved on the house clean out they recommended us immediately to a friend to remove furniture that was old and need to be hauled away. We knew right there we had something.

On the drive home you reflect on this job. It is a hard job. You have to be strong, a problem solver, a communicator, and, sometimes, a friend. It is physically and mentally tough – but so rewarding. You really feel like you are making a difference in one of the most stressful life events in which people undergo.

As we continue to grow as a junk removal business on Long Island we do our best to stay true to our original roots which consist of working hard and accommodating the customer. As long as we keep that mentality we will continue to strive and be successful.

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